Tuesday, March 30, 2010

College Station Aftermath

BF and I went to Bryan-College Station, but I never got the chance to do any paranormal research or investigating. Our time was spent trying to square away an apartment. On the up side we found an apartment that I love. I am going to have free time once I move there to check out more paranormal locations. This just gives me more time to do research right?

I am still working on my New Orleans piece. I should have the first installment soon!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Finally! College Station Trip Time

I have been waiting for this trip for what seems like forever! I am excited to see all the history that these two towns, dripping in tradition, have to offer a novice paranormal researcher like myself. I have been reading news stories from the local papers and television affiliates and there seems to be a lot of odd and unexplained occurrences, especially on the TAMU campus itself. A few articles stated that if one were to, "[search the] Cushing Library on campus and you'll find an entire folder filled with records of unexplained sightings and noises in the Animal Industries Building."

Looking into the legend of the Animal Industries Building I was intrigued by the origin of the story of this supposed haunting. In 1965 Roy Simms, a lab manager, was butchering some meat, in what was known then as the meat lab. Sources say on his third cut through the slab of meat he cut through the femoral artery on his leg with an electric saw and bled out before he could get help. Some people say he tried to make it up the stairs, but never got the help he so desperately needed. Former Professor Dr. Gene King, who was there on that infamous day, said Simms never made it to the stairs, instead he sent someone for help but died before help arrived. Simms is believed to haunt the building to this day. 

Reported incidence in the building include sightings, voices, and moving objects. Custodial staff have reported hearing voices in the elevator. have heard footsteps and doors slamming open and closed with out anyone around to move them. Some people say it is just an old building, build in the late 1920's, settling. 

On the website entitled Aggie Myths Unveiled, Krista Smith says that the legend of Roy Simms is based in truth. She writes that a Roy Simms did indeed die. However, some of the details of the ghost story are off. Simms tragic accident happened in 1959, not 1965. Smith also states that Simms may have tried to drag himself to the elevators, but there were no witness accounts that could be verified. 

The section of the building formerly used as the campus abattoir is now classrooms and office space. The abattoir now resides in another building on campus as of 1983, but Simms stayed behind. 

Another building known for unexplained occurrences is the A&M Dairy. Students claim that lights will turn on and off on their own and radios switch stations without anyone touching the dial. Some report seeing the apparition of a man in the early morning hours close to the grain silos. Rumors on campus are that someone died on the land of tuberculosis but there are not any records of this occurring.

There are also stories of The Corps of Cadets dining hall on campus, A&M Consolidated High School's career technology wing are all haunted.

I can't wait to go check as many locations as possible! Look for an update next week complete with pictures and any other evidence I find!

Information for this blog came from several websites. Check out the links below:

Monday, March 22, 2010

Haunt Jaunts Blog

I found a really great blog this morning entitled Haunt Jaunts. It is a travel blog, but not just any travel blog. It is a travel blog for paranormal enthusists!! I love the blog. I spent hours on it this morning digging through the archives. Check it out at

Ezine Article Published!

I got my first article published on! It is an account of the trip to Mercy Hospital and Bragg Rd. I am sooo excited! You can check it out here. I am working on an article about Haunted New Orleans now. Look for it soon!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Boo! A Ghost Story | That Guy's Blog

I asked a question on twitter about orbs and a tweet came my way with this link in it - Boo! A Ghost Story | That Guy's Blog. I follow this blog (it is amazing btw) and I thought I would share what I think is a five star post. Thanks "That Guy!"

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Preparing for Your First Ghost Hunt

I found this posting for Preparing for Your First Ghost Hunt. It seems pretty accurate. Anything else I should know?

Parapsych Glossary

I came across this website, which is a glossary published by the Parapsychological Association. I am intrigued - it seems I have a lot to learn. There are many words in this glossary - most of the words I have never heard of!

Like Kirlian photography! Sounds like a great process, but in all of my digging I have never come across such a process. I am either more "novice" than I thought or researchers aren't using this process very often.

So here is my question: Do any of you use technology or techniques that are not widely used? Could you explain them. I am so curious it hurts!!